Rasco/Roscoe/Ruscoe One-Name Study

New York,,,,USA,



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALBROUGH, Catharine  Abt 1846New York,,,,USA,  I4558
2 ATCHINSON, Olive D  Abt 1827New York,,,,USA,  I4439
3 ATCHINSON, Roswell D  Abt 1826New York,,,,USA,  I2213
4 BAKER, Jane  Abt 1828New York,,,,USA,  I875
5 BAKER, John  Abt 1826New York,,,,USA,  I3095
6 BEATY, Ann M  Abt 1820New York,,,,USA,  I4753
7 BEATY, Cornelia  Abt 1843New York,,,,USA,  I581
8 BEATY, Daniel L  Abt 1812New York,,,,USA,  I2524
9 BEATY, Samuel  Abt 1846New York,,,,USA,  I2805
10 BECKWELL, N B  Abt 1826New York,,,,USA,  I3487
11 BETTS, Ann A  Abt 1844New York,,,,USA,  I2052
12 BETTS, George  Abt 1847New York,,,,USA,  I2335
13 BONESTEEL, Danl G  Abt 1812New York,,,,USA,  I1844
14 BRADEY, Arthenns  Abt 1822New York,,,,USA,  I4871
15 BUCANNON, Elizabeth  Abt 1838New York,,,,USA,  I454
16 BUCANNON, Henry  Abt 1839New York,,,,USA,  I4909
17 CHURCHILL, Adaline  Abt 1846New York,,,,USA,  I3849
18 CHURCHILL, Alvira  Abt 1848New York,,,,USA,  I6094
19 CHURCHILL, Caroline  Abt 1833New York,,,,USA,  I5013
20 CHURCHILL, John  Abt 1834New York,,,,USA,  I838
21 CHURCHILL, Nathaniel  Abt 1838New York,,,,USA,  I5813
22 CHURCHILL, Sarah  Abt 1843New York,,,,USA,  I1627
23 CLINTON, Dewitt  Abt 1840New York,,,,USA,  I2869
24 CLINTON, Emma L  Abt 1850New York,,,,USA,  I1213
25 CLINTON, Gertrude  Abt 1843New York,,,,USA,  I932
26 CLINTON, Sands R  Abt 1845New York,,,,USA,  I3151
27 CLINTON, Sarah E  Abt 1847New York,,,,USA,  I5388
28 COLE, Hopkins  Abt 1827New York,,,,USA,  I2076
29 COLE, Jane  Abt 1829New York,,,,USA,  I4303
30 COOPER, Thos  Abt 1815New York,,,,USA,  I1494
31 CORBIN, Cornelia  Abt 1846New York,,,,USA,  I5098
32 CORBIN, Loisa  Abt 1842New York,,,,USA,  I2862
33 CORBIN, Mary  Abt 1840New York,,,,USA,  I637
34 CORBIN, Sarah  Abt 1844New York,,,,USA,  I925
35 CORBIN, Sherman  Abt 1803New York,,,,USA,  I356
36 CORBIN, Sherman  Abt 1849New York,,,,USA,  I3144
37 CORBIN, Thaddaeus  Abt 1834New York,,,,USA,  I4809
38 CROSBY, Ann E  Abt 1840New York,,,,USA,  I5187
39 CROSBY, Charles  Abt 1830New York,,,,USA,  I1296
40 CROSBY, Francis M  Abt 1836New York,,,,USA,  I2947
41 CROSBY, George  Abt 1834New York,,,,USA,  I729
42 CROSBY, Hart  Abt 1827New York,,,,USA,  I2668
43 CROSBY, Henry  Abt 1801New York,,,,USA,  I4616
44 CROSBY, Henry  Abt 1828New York,,,,USA,  I4902
45 CROSBY, Rebecka  Abt 1801New York,,,,USA,  I447
46 DODGE, Amanda  Abt 1821New York,,,,USA,  I4954
47 DODGE, Jasper  Abt 1810New York,,,,USA,  I4665
48 DODGE, Juliaette  Abt 1819New York,,,,USA,  I2718
49 DURAND, Elizabeth  Abt 1831New York,,,,USA,  I1425
50 DURAND, George W  Abt 1827New York,,,,USA,  I5603

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