Rasco/Roscoe/Ruscoe One-Name Study

DNA Test: Y-DNA xxxxx

Test Information

  • Taken by Living 
    Test date 2007 
    Vendor FTDNA 
    Test type Y-DNA 
    Test number xxxxx 
    Number of Markers 67 
    Haplogroup I-M423 
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    Test originated with B W Rasco and passes back thru his male line. B W is the son of Bruce Rasco, grandson of Charles Rasco, great-grandson of George Rasco, great-great grandson of John Rasco. Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago, or older. The I-P215 lineage is about 15,000 years old and began in southern Europe. Today it is found primarily in Sardinia and the Balkans. Haplogroup I represents one of the first peoples in Europe. Haplogroup - I-L1498(IslesC) 6,500 y.a. __Isles C branches off from Isles B in the Northern England-Scotland-Ulster area. The arrival of Isles C in Ireland coincides with the arrival of more cold-adapted seed stock for agriculture. Perhaps Isles C carried the seeds with them. 4,300 y.a. __Isles D branches off from Isles C in Ireland, perhaps near Rathcroghan. The current situation: Isles A is found at very low percentages in England and in a concentration around Cork Ireland. Isles B is now found all across the Britich isles and to a very minor degree on the continent. Isles C is located mostly in the north of England, Ulster and Scotland. Isles D is relatively strong in the northern parts of Ireland. Haplogroup L-161 is a tiny group that comprises less than 1% of the European population, predominately - more than 95% - in the British Isles. That is not reflective of the I Group as a whole. Most of the rest are in Europe sandwiched between Haplogroup R1a on the east and R1b on the right. It is not at all clear how that came to be. There are many diverging opinions.
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